Product Description

The disposable Swab Kits are used to sample collection, and then sent for testing.
Easy to use for anyone with provide How-to-Use.
Its Simultaneous collect Nasal and Oral samples.

Product Specification / Features

Type: Disposable

  • Vendor 1 : ~ 18 gm
  • Vendor 2: ~ 30 gm


  • Vendor 1 : 1 Viral Transportation Media (VTM) tube and 1 Nasal swab and Oral swab each.
  • Vendor 2 : 1 VTM and 1 swab


  • Compatible with various other nucleic acid extraction kits.
  • Convenient self-collection, storage and transport


Mandatory – FDA Registered
Additional – Certificate of Free Sales (They are under FDA EUA)

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