Product Description

N95 respirators are used to protect the wearer from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating the face. They have a filtration efficiency higher than 95%.

Generally, the N95 mask comes in a round molded design, but the Dasheng DTC-3X shown in this picture comes with a foldable design and head loops specifically designed for the US market.

Product Specification / Features

Type: Disposable
Size: Adult
Weight: ~ 12.5 gm
Packaging: 20 Pieces per Box

    • Non-woven material
    • 5 Layer
    • BFE >= 95%
    • PFE >= 95%
    • With Head loops
    • Green box separately identifiable from Yellow box for Chinese domestic market
Product Certifications

Mandatory – FDA Registered, NIOSH Approved, NIOSH Approval no.: TC – 84A-4329
Additional – CE Certified

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