Product Description

FFP3 Without Exhalation Valve Respirator is a single-use, filtering folding half-mask, offering excellent protection when hazardous and toxic particles are present. Made of multiple parts, the mask allows excellent facial movement with maximum comfort and protection.

Key features include:

  • Light foaming located on the inside of the mask provide comfort on the skin and nose
  • Specially designed nose clip which keeps its flexibility even aſter prolonged usage and fits any nose shape or size
  • The balance between the flexibility and pressure of the knitted headbands makes for increased comfort
  • Masks will not lose flexibility or pressure in hot or cold working conditions
  • Dolomite dust test certified can provide protection for a minimum of 8 hours
  • Has high filtration, low breathing resistance and is easy to store
  • Does not cause skin irritation

Comfortable and easy to use for workers with a wide variety of work security equipment such as helmets, safety glasses, ear plugs etc.

Suitable for: agriculture and farming; industrial use, including biological agent, chemical, hazardous  and viral material use; sterile environments, including cleanrooms.

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