Product Description

These alcohol based disinfectant wipes are proven to kill most micro organisms such as bacteria, yeast & viruses.

A mixture of ethanol diluted in water is effective against a wide spectrum of micro organisms. It come in two variants i.e wipes in a box and in a canister.

Product Specification / Features
    • Type: Alcohol pad (non-woven) with 70-75 % Ethyl Alcohol
    • Weight: 167 gm (box), 667 gm(canister)
    • Size: 12*15cm (Box wipe), 13*17cm( Canister wipe)
    • Packaging: 50 Wipes in Canister 110 Wipes in Box


      • Paper aluminium bag sachet
      • Wipes Material 45g/m2


Mandatory – FDA Registered
Additional – CE Certified

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